36 definitions by Eren Yeeter

Zekrom is an electric type legendary badass pokemon that shoots electricity from its butt. It is unseen in the clouds. It looks like a black dragon.
Look! It's Zekrom!
by Eren Yeeter December 7, 2020
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Prime Apocalypse is pretty much how the world is gonna end.
Prime Apocalypse
by Eren Yeeter December 2, 2020
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It's the bird with blue feet. I bet you don't know.

I told you It's a bird!

by Eren Yeeter April 8, 2021
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Gallade 3 is meant to replace gar-dee-voir's dick.
Gallade 3?! !@#$%^&*()!
by Eren Yeeter November 26, 2020
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I dont know a lot of bad words so I came up with FUCK BICH TRUMP DICK.
FUCK BICH TRUMP DICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Eren Yeeter December 3, 2020
Psy Champion is a song made by Psy. It is similar to crazy frog Axel F. It was sung by the singer of gangnam style.
Psy:I willl sing psy champion.

Gar-de-voir:Oh well kookoo.Just kick your @$$ and die.

Psy: 강남스타일(Gamgnam style) eh!

Gar-de-voir:Oh well.
by Eren Yeeter November 30, 2020
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Oh shiitake toadstools is another way of saying oh shiitake mushrooms. It is also anyone anonymous that follows rule 34.
Oh shiitake toadstools. Anonymous person is searching the pokemon sucking gardevoir on sucking duckduckgo.
by Eren Yeeter December 15, 2020
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