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The school that is so small that you know everyone in it, and everyone knows everything that goes on with you in the school and gives you crap about it, even if you barely know them. Anything else is irrelevant because it is too small and sucky.
Sleeping with 7th graders. Every teacher knowing who your going out with and giving you shit about it. Gym teachers telling you that the love you... 32 times before they let you do anything. Lazy Bio teacher. Garden School.

by Baller!!! March 27, 2007
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A small school in Jackson Heights, NY. About 500 people go there from 7th-12th grade. If you tell one person something,everyone knows. The teachers have conferences where they talk about you. At least 10 people know your locker combination. Most of the girls can be found in Mrs. Dorothy's room. Their are bake sales at least every week. No one can make fun of your ethnicity because everyone is different. You can find all the losers in the computer room, all the 7th graders and basketball players in the gym, all the cool kids in the hall way, all the fat kids in 711 jkk you can find everyone in 711, the nerds in extra help, and the other kids in the yardd. Everyone knows each other. Two kids dating with a 5 year age difference is common. Teachers piss you off. Mrs. Zinner and Mrs. Somer will hate you for NO reason. You will eventually plan their deaths : jkk Mr. Gheurgi will yell at you and tell you, you can't do anything, Mr. Gomis will kick you out for no reason and give you detention. Mr. Hale will have attitude battles with you. Mrs. Elkin will tell you to step off the grass. Mr. Pigman will sing you the you're a little tea pot short and spout song when you put your hand on your hip. Mr. Chung will say "What's wrong with you". Mr. Krecheck will kill you in basketball practice. Mrs. Dapise stores body parts in her desk. Everyone dunks on the baskets. No one knows what's going on, unless they're in student council, because no one listens to morning meeting, and we don't have a speaker system. The guys locker room is the best place to have fun ; && last of all. If you tell someone you go to garden school they will ask you if you learn how to make gardens :PP
"I go to Garden School"
"You learn how to make gardens there?"
by kittyy x3333 January 16, 2008
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Garden School is a really small school with about 300 kids from k-12. If you tell something to anyone, everyone knows immeadiately. Drama spreads really quickly. The sports teams aren't that good but everyone tries their best. We have no speaker system so no one ever knows whats going on. There is a crap ton of homework but there's a lot of really fun events.
"What school do you go to?"
"Oh I go to Garden School."
"Cool so you must be an expert at Gardening right?"
( You'll get this a lot)
by Winterwolf28 September 27, 2017
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garden school is terrible. if you are a parent reading this, or a student considering attending. please take my word and dont go there. school is way too small. and accept everyone, so basically anyone who cant afford a real private school, and is too socially awkward to survive in public school. most girls try way too hard and most boys just dont shower. ms dapice, mr hale, mr pigman, ms weiss, ms.stenos and the entirety of the highschool dpt. are a total joke. the gym department is a waste of time and of life. including the giirls bball program, (middleschool and varsity), the tennis team, and all the other clubs garden school attempts. so many more negative things to add, i would be typing all day. p.s. the field is being sold soon and the pool is available basically once a year for use.
garden school is
by jkcnvkjdbsackjds February 14, 2011
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