/suh•mer/ Not to be confused with that blonde cunt, Summer. What we have here is a total sweetheart. Don't call her that though, because she wants people to know she's tough as nails. She may be a bit ditzy at times but make no mistake, she's a closet brainiac. Feed her often and shower her with big hugs. Somer is the sunshine that can light up even the darkest of your days!
Why in the bloody fuck is it so bright in here? Oh, Somer just walked in.
by Beadyeyedbuttchugger October 29, 2020
French for beautiful summer. Somer is usually the name of a girl who is very down to earth and a very caring person. Somer's are very unique and extremely gorgeous.
She should be a somer!
by mjosswald August 28, 2008
A twirling, long river in England, but also stands for a strong rush, and only slows down to help the ones she cares most about. Somers are outgoing, strange, and normally blonde. Rare cases show differently. Somers had the power to give advise and the power to break down and cry. But no matter what Somers have the power to make you laugh, almost everytime. They have there days where they are down and they have thier days to be beautiful.
Edward: Okay. So this random came up and talked to me today.
Alex: Somer?
Edward: How'd you know???
Alex: That's just Somer.
by Alexa Grayer May 14, 2009
N. A down to earth, loveable girl. usually with mental retardations of some kind. Best if pronounced with a lisp. (Thomer) Usually having brownish or blonde hair. Tends to like ugly men.
I love that girl Somer, but she is a real idiot!
by -- Golem August 5, 2011
A girl whose parents didn't know how to spell Summer. A complete bitch. A moron who doesn't know her way and is annoying. She thinks that she's ahead of anyone, but really she's not. She's pathetic and she likes to bring up shit from long ago. She constantly harasses people over and over and has no disregard for herself or others. She's the reason why people think about the worst. She's a bully to all of those around her and takes advantage of those who want to help her. Watch out because she's a snake and will stab you behind the back when you're not looking.
Daniel: Hey, what have you been up to?
Mike: Talking to Somer. She's really sweet-
Daniel: Excuse me? Somer? She's a fucking bitch. Be careful dude, she would stab ya behind the back.
Mike: Seriously? I had a notion that she could have been a bitch. Thanks for the heads up bro.
by yellowthello July 19, 2018
a place with nothing to do but drink and smoke. half the kids are always sitting around at home and the other half are to fucked up to do anything. its probably to small to find on a map...
yo we should do suttin.
whats there to do in somers?
ight lets get fucked up
by smuhhhhj August 22, 2009
A pretty boring town in Westchester county where everyone where’s vineyard vines. Most people have juuls and go to the Friday night football games. White girls take pics of there drinks at Bobos cafe or photoshop pics of themselves at their pools. Everyone goes on good vacations and complains about how horrible their life is as an kid living in Westchester. Girls always have acrylic nails, expensive clothes, highlights in their hair, and spray tans. In the summer, King Kone is the main spot the be.
Oh your from Somers? Got any juul pods?
by I don’t f care August 31, 2018