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garden school is terrible. if you are a parent reading this, or a student considering attending. please take my word and dont go there. school is way too small. and accept everyone, so basically anyone who cant afford a real private school, and is too socially awkward to survive in public school. most girls try way too hard and most boys just dont shower. ms dapice, mr hale, mr pigman, ms weiss, ms.stenos and the entirety of the highschool dpt. are a total joke. the gym department is a waste of time and of life. including the giirls bball program, (middleschool and varsity), the tennis team, and all the other clubs garden school attempts. so many more negative things to add, i would be typing all day. p.s. the field is being sold soon and the pool is available basically once a year for use.
by jkcnvkjdbsackjds February 14, 2011
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