The act of moving your body upwards during a period of making out in an effort to obtain fellatio (blowjob) from the partner (can also be used for cunnilingus (eating out), but rarely). Such action usually requires a back and forth (left and right) movement to gain the needed height difference and can be enhanced with a hand to head encouragement motion.
"I tried to slither up on Megan last night but got turned down, 5 times."

"Sliver me timbers!" (used to make fun of those who have attempted at slithering and failed)
by zachatk April 15, 2009
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A person that whines and complains excessively; a compulsively hateful person; a person with extremely bad taste; a person that will spam message boards with hateful complaints about things he doesn't like and attempt to start flame wars about these topics.
A message board troll is often a Slither.
by GJ March 5, 2004
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A terrible counter strike player.
Also wants a message board gimp going by the alias non.
look at slither - he is so shit at cs it's not funny. the turd owns him.
by dungeon June 18, 2004
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To move like a snake or just move from one place to another
by PaddyFab November 12, 2013
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to get fucked up, crunk,or trashed etc
Man, right after I get off work I'm swingin' by the and pickin' up a fifth a' some Takka an' gettin' slithered.
by andrew May 22, 2004
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(v.) caught being a snake
Susan got slithered when she was making out with Brad last night.”
by Mae Kae Sunner June 11, 2019
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While driving or moving forward, "slither" means to keep moving straight. "s" stems from the beggining of both straight and slither.
george-"yo which way now?"
by andre b 90 June 11, 2010
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