noun. a word used to refer to a woman of dubious reputation or behavior without directly calling her a slut.

synonymous with hose bag
The girl in the skimpy brown dress is such a garden hose if you know what i mean.
by They call me legs July 14, 2008
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if your nose long, ur nose long like garden hose.

also you're a dickhead!
Ha! Look at your nose! Nose long like garden hose!
by gr0ndz. March 20, 2020
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when a guyt covers his pee hole while masturbating, thinkng it will act like a garden hose and spray farther.
he is so stupid, he actually thinks plugging his dick like a garden hose will make him shoot farther
by bigbadmet June 8, 2007
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a lethal weapon used in world war 2, the only person worthy enough to wield such power is Minecraft steve, sadly Minecraft steve switched sideds during infinity war to kill shrek our lord and saviour
lil jimmy, put that garden hose down and no one gets hurt
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When a female puts their thumb over the hole of the vagina, thus creating a pressurised stream to increase standing accuracy.
man Jenny gave me the garden hose, she garden hosed the shit out of me last night!
by Finlonger September 25, 2014
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Scott's brother in law shot him dead in an argument over a garden hose. The coroner determined Scott's brother in law had the better garden hose since he could still use his.
by Solid Mantis February 9, 2018
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