22 definitions by shrek is our lord and saviour

yeaseded is yeast and should yeast all over your yeast
yeast is a yeastededdd
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self explanitory
Minecraft and roblox can not be used in the same sentence
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a shrekian version of the garden hose, after shrek rose from the dead in infinity war from a fellow shrekian who brought shrek back to life by watching every shrek movie in order (including the forbidden shrek 5 in area 51), shrek used the shrarden shose to attempt to kill Minecraft steve but shrek realised needed a shrekfinity gauntlet, shrek snapped his yeasty fingers and half the universe was gone including Minecraft steve
sharden shose is so yeastetdet
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a jewel that used to be in Minecraft but was replaced by emerald after the ruby faded away with the other half of the universe when thanos snapped his fingers
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Watch out for my body rolls!
Watch out for my body rolls!
High kicks!
High kicks!
This is how we do it!
pant tight boi I got dem bod rolls
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