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self explanitory
Minecraft and roblox can not be used in the same sentence
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a shrekian version of the garden hose, after shrek rose from the dead in infinity war from a fellow shrekian who brought shrek back to life by watching every shrek movie in order (including the forbidden shrek 5 in area 51), shrek used the shrarden shose to attempt to kill Minecraft steve but shrek realised needed a shrekfinity gauntlet, shrek snapped his yeasty fingers and half the universe was gone including Minecraft steve
sharden shose is so yeastetdet
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the era in which taco bell bought the world, the only thing taco bell didn't buy is swiper from dora the explorer, taco dora (because taco bell bought dora) and swiper had to destroy the contact and dab on the owner of taco bell. Please note: this was a past event that is why there is dabbing
I loved the taco era, my name used to be taco jimmy neutron
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the act of grabbing your diamond pickaxe and mining the diamonds, like a yeast
mining away, I don't know what to mine I'll mine this anyway
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a plant of a yeast youtuber that can only be obtained one posable way, you must go into an abandoned school with snake monsters, get the gum rip your organs out and put it in a snake monster so you become it, then ride a tree then die then get the gum off a house and die then get a pumpkin seed from a Minecraft store then get a cloning machine and die then get some rice and there you go
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the living embodiment of yeastiness, it can yeast over everyone, the only one who can stop this madness is god himself, shrek
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a jewel that used to be in Minecraft but was replaced by emerald after the ruby faded away with the other half of the universe when thanos snapped his fingers
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