A term originating from the PC game Chivalry Medieval Warfare (coined by the player Milan during Najo's duel tournament); derived from the word "garbage" this term can used alongside "garb" to describe a player getting demolished by some impressive rainbows and quad feints. Has seen extensive use in the Chivalry community ever since.
Wow Rick just got garbed heavily

That clan is so garb
by St0uty April 4, 2016
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When you get tomahawks across the map on Call of Duty.
Oh man you just got Garbed!
by clayton93 December 22, 2011
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A Pacenta who writes down words on urban dictionary.

See - Pacenta
Noun: You're a Garb-Garb Jimmy.
by Garb-Garb July 19, 2019
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Great American ReBalancing

A post COVID19 recalibration of the USA - away from the dense coastal cities, to the mid west and plains - Okie city and Fort Wayne, Indiana.

After BRICs and FANGs, Wall Street embraced the GARB trade.
Farmer 1: ‘Who is that Greek Socialite making a complete mess of Bill’s paddock in a 13 ton Deere Combine Harvester?’.

Farmer 2: Some Prepper from Manhattan - part of the GARB movement - came out in the Summer of 2020 with sacks of cash and gave Bill an offer that he could not refuse. With the mess he’s making - bushels and soy are both up 7%, supply problem.
by Irish Dan 3 April 11, 2020
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1: My car broke down last night and I was mugged by a puppy.
2: That’s straight garb garb, I’m sorry.
by Kickstaart July 24, 2023
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A Person who sucks at COD (Call of Duty)
That kid on the other team is such garb.
My team is fucking garb.
by 123trgth January 7, 2012
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