n. Acronym for "Goofy ass retarded bitch". Person or pledge that lacks coordination. Usually you feel embarrassed to be in his or her presence in public.
Hey G.A.R.B., stop knocking over the beer pong cups so we don't lose to these drunk sluts.
by B.K. February 16, 2005
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An "in" style article of clothing known as the mexican hoodie. Usually found striped and baggy, this new trend is sweeping accross the nation.
"Did you see Ben's new garb? He bought it this Christmas break in Mexico..."
by mexoco-jeaa. February 11, 2009
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Items of clothing, often designer brand name based.
'he a'int a rapper look at his garbs. he a'int even rockin' an AV and he's gwanin' like he's large"
by zaqwertyuk September 18, 2008
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To dress.
A specific type of dress (see also gear).
It's cold outside; I think I'll wear my heavy garb today. OR I think I'll garb my heavy clothes.
by dave June 24, 2004
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