Someone who is standing in the way, preventing you from passing through a narrow area.
OK Gandalf, let's get moving here buddy.
by thricegreatart May 23, 2010
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To come back from the dead in a spectacular fashion, normally just in time to save someone's ass from getting kicked. Just like Gandalf in LOTR.
I was sure he was dead after the nuke went off, but he did a Gandalf and saved Bauer's ass.
by pasdaddy May 07, 2009
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Frodo: Hey, Gandalf, how do I get rid of this god damn ring?
Gandalf: My friend, you have to touch yourself at night without wearing the ring.
by God July 21, 2003
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one of the many Hobbit themed cocktails available at the pub of the same name, in Southampton. Contains vodka, archers, blue WKD and lemonade. Very refreshing. £3 for a pint. I love them far too much.
by Jez March 07, 2005
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To be denied access to somewhere or something. Derived from Lord Of The Rings The Two Towers where Gandalf proclaims "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"
"Pete couldn't get in Sophbeck because he didn't have any ID so got gandalfed by the bouncer"
by Pedro the square October 07, 2008
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