If you could take any maturity and/or dignity GameFAQs has, and completely replace it with childish, biased, console flaming douchebags that are somehow too stupid and childish to be members of GameFAQs, which is the third-most stupid website online, (second only to Gamespot which, is second only to Moviecodec.com).
You'd have Gamespot, the stupidest PURE-gaming website you'll ever need, if you ever need a stupid gaming website.

Members spend a great deal of time insulting people for having objective opinions, and liking another console. For Hell's sake, there's a 'Console War' section which, despite the large warnings, are really just asking for flame wars. The members can hardly be expected to maintain control, when talking about unrelated stuff.
When given a forum designed just for "warring" over consoles pops up, you're an idiot to believe, that these morons have the self control to behave.

Another great thing about the members is, they LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to bash GameFAQS. Which, is hilarious, because GF members spend a ton of time doing exactly the same about GS. I can't tell the difference.

The moderators?...whoo hoo! they're bad.
I don't know if CNET just raises these jackholes in some monstrous egg sack fertilized by unprofessional-ism and remedial forum moderation, but man they might be the worst in history.

These people are just like members, complete with the mandatory lack of objectivity, the favoritism toward specific members and all the lame-ass shit, better boards' staff avoid.

STAY AWAY. If you've found that, you've been exposed to Gamespot, immediately flush your eyes with water several times, induce vomiting, lie down...and then shoot yourself in the head. At least then, your last moments will more enjoyable then the time spent on that shitty site.

Gamespot made me want to go to GameFAQs and I believe, at that very moment, all the little children in Hell got out of school for a fun filled, snow day.
Gamespot is called "Gamespot" because it resembles a stain on the internet.
by Lig Na Baste August 1, 2008
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A website that gave Half Life 2 a rating of 9.2 and GTA:SA a 9.6.
Need I say any more?
by Johnny Mendez March 2, 2005
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A gaming website that gave Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 a 10.0. 'Nuff said.
And people wonder why Jeff Gerstmann got fired from Gamespot.
by Metacritic February 27, 2008
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gaming site that would be ok if it werent for all the corrupt and biased moderators on the forum. if you go to the forums of gamespot BEWARE if you say anything bad about halo or zelda youll get your ass banned indefinately. if you dont go to the forums you should read the reviews for games theyre actually pretty good.
i got banned from the gamespot forums for saying halo is overrated...i asked them about why i would get banned for voicing my opinion even though i wasnt trolling or offending anyone...i never got an answer so fuck gamespot
by el reye August 8, 2006
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A gaming site full of degenerate wastes of oxygen a more civilized society would have euthanized years ago, run by computer illiterate retards who would be better off being replaced by a chimp.
Mod: I don't like you for personal reasons!!1 I'm gonna ban you and see if I can get away with it!
by S July 17, 2004
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Nothing but a bunch of biased console hugging hippies.
Halo 2 is the best game EVAH! Xbox is the best console EVAH! If you have a different opinion you're wrong.(Wow lOLolo in halo 2 you can Hold 2 weapons.... At the same time!@!11!1@1) “REVOLUTIONARY” Bwahahahha

Gamespot didn’t meet my expectations 2/10
by Sawky! December 18, 2004
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The act of holding a vote with a public tally, and once the vote ends doing the following:

* declaring the person with the most votes the winner
* waiting a short period of time
* switching the votes
* declaring the previous looser the winner
Man, i really wanted Al Gore as our 43rd president, too bad the electorals did some gamespoting.
by Hayrola September 24, 2009
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