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Someone who doesn't know how to use a computer no matter how much you try to help them.
Me - Click "OK"
Dumbass - Click what?
Me - Click "OK"
Dumbass - I don't see "OK"
Me - It should be right in the middle of the screen. Click "OK"

Dumbass - Huh? I can't find "OK" anywhere
Me - Sorry. I cannot help you any further. You are computer illiterate.
by beastRuffian April 28, 2011
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To not understand computers, and to be unable to perform simple tasks with them.

The term also refers to those who do know know simple computer related terms or software applications, such as Microsoft Word.

This term does not extend to understanding 1337 speak or to those who aren't h4x0rs
Mitchell: Yo Johnny! Been h4x0ring any b0x0rs?

Johnny: Wah?

Mitchell: Oh, yer, you are computer illiterate.

Johnny: Wah?
by Unknown [to an extent] December 16, 2005
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unable to use a computer without phoning half the population to help out.
(i've got a virus what do i do) LMAO
the unluckiest man alive must have had nearly every virus in the book (See SBS) Solution learn about PC's before you get one!!!!
(I don't Know what i'm doing HELP ME). SEE SBS
by Rupert Winkle June 26, 2004
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a term of endearment/sarcasm/ insult, depending on the situation, for one's old man 9father) or old lady (mother)
boy: yoohoo, dad, my favorite computer illiterate, please give me cash for my weekly candy portion, well if you don't want to give me my allowance.

father: stop calling me a computer illiterate, young man, cuz I am a computer engineer by profession, please improve your vocabulary and then come back and talk to me comme du monde
by sexydimma May 27, 2012
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