You don't wanna come across a Gamer with a burning rage, this is the most dangerous apex predator you could ever meet. This happens when a Gamer is interrupted, dies a lot, or is mocked in game leading them to exceed the limits of human emotion. In this state no one within a 500 mile radius is safe, one wrong move and you could be incinerated by the touch of these entities. They have the power to rip anything to shreds, usually the very device that gave them the rage. May lord have mercy on those who come in contact with such a force of nature.
It looks like Daniel has gamer rage, please don't approach him as he can and will end your life.
by SonicchronicleX December 10, 2019
When a gamer gets intensely angry over a video game.
*playing a video game*
Angry gamer:
Friend: "Calm down, man. It's only been like 2 minutes and you're already freaking out. It looks like you've got a bad case of Gamer's rage."
by heated gamer August 18, 2013
When you get particularly heated in a game and begin uncontrollably shouting racial slurs at the opposition
Kevin: dude that was totally racist

Tyrone: don't worry it was just Gamer rage
by therealgamerman November 4, 2020
Rage obtained by frustration within a game.
1. Random guy: That fucker just used his scout in a knives only match, that piece of shit, I'll rip his neck open.
Random guy's friend: calm down man no need to gamer rage.
2. Other random guy: That cunt nelf just shadowmeld charged me out of no where that cheap prick, man if I saw that kid in real life I'd kick the shit out of him.
Other random guy's friend: Calm down man, no need to gamer rage it's just wsg...
by Wedksa June 26, 2008
A intense fury that burns within a gamer when interrupted in gamer mode. It can lead to extreme bouts of Psychosis and cause the gamer to commit multiple felonies.
John: “what happened to your wife”
Derek: “caused gamer rage which led me to punch her and hide the body”
by Gaming Mode July 6, 2019
the gamer rage is a sex position where one shoves multiple xbox 360 controllers up their ass while screaming slurs in game chat of the game of their choice
person1:dude she loves to watch me do the gamer rage

person2:dude like maybe i could watch you do the gamer rage

person1:bro... that would be really hot
by Juicywithsauce May 2, 2021