1. An expression used out of frustration and seeing no clear solution to a problem.

2. An expression of disbelief.
1. Tom: "That stripper you banged in the casino elevator that one night says she might be pregnant."

Joe: "What!? Not again! Lord have mercy..."

2. Jane: "I was so drunk that night, I wish I could remember the guy who banged me in the elevator. Im gonna get a paternity test and whoever he was is gonna be paying A LOT of child support."

Joe: "Lord have mercy..."
by JeezusKriestSooperstarr669 November 15, 2013
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When you are overly stressed but don't want to use God's name in vein.
Mom: can you do this, this, this, and that before I come down stairs?

Me: Uhh, Lord have mercy on my soul, I guess so.
by babygirlrhi June 11, 2019
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