A piece of shit website where moderators go to abuse their power to feel like a man.
Buddy: Hey mark! Let's go to GameFAQS!
Mark: Nah man, they'll just moderate you for using your freedom of speech.
Buddy: Oh damn, man, that blows!
by GameFAQS sucks March 25, 2010
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A site where you can read game walkthroughs, polls, and the message board, where you can chat about games and other things. Seems like a gamer's dream come true, right, WRONG!

I signed up for it, thinking it would be good, but it is horrible! This site is run by CJayC and his lackeys, the Gamefaqs moderaters. The mod's goal is to spoil the fun. There are many strict rules, you can't even say bitch. And if you say something "offensive", you are screwed! You can't even speak your mind! If you diss the mods, you are screwed!

So, if you break the rules, what happens? Well, you have a karma system. It's kinda like experience points. Post a day, you get one karma point. When you get enough karma, you can post more. Yes, you are limited to posting until 75 karma. If you break a rule, it will be deleted, and you might lose 3 karma. It's called a moderated message. Post something really bad,like dissing the mods, and you lose 10 karma and get "warned."

Keep posting bad things, you get banned. You can talk to a mod if you think the moderation is unfair, but they will usually be a smartass and won't listen to you. I was banned because I said to close a topic.

The rules are nearly impossible to follow, so don't botter with GameFUCKS.
The mods are nothing but nerds!
It starts out like this...

That was you typing "Gamefaqs" in your Internet address bar.

Saturday night, don't you have ANYTHING BETTER TO DO?!?!?!?

Course you don't, cuz you're a gamefaqs n00b...

You don't have a girlfriend or any friends.

the next part is hard to understand

Well, what the fuck?

You're laughing your ass off, but then you refresh the page...

What's THAT!? Is that a yellow strip?


Ya better check it! Ya gotta check it! Or you'll lose your precious karma, your precious karma, your precious karma, you'll lose your precious kaaaaaaaaaarrrrrmmmmmmma!

Better check it
by kefka36 June 19, 2005
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A website dedicated to Obsessive Compulsive fan made video game guides where you can pretty much learn such gems from the message boards that cross play between countries using the same server is impossible on the internet and people don't have a general idea about hardware or software.
"The Wii U basic can't download DLC, unless you delete the operating system from the hardrive."

"GameFaqs has moderated your post for trolling"

by whyMe September 01, 2013
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A website full of FAQ's, walkthroughs, and cheats for just about every game in existance. There is also a message board system where people can discuss the games or chat on social boards. The boards are known for having strict moderators.
I couldn't beat that game so I went to www.gamefaqs.com and found a guide.
by DarkSnake June 18, 2005
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A website that supposedly offers help for games and message boards about games. However, the so-called "FAQs" mainly consist of a half-finished text document that has had "MORE COMING SOON" written on it for the past 6 months, while the actual information in it was lifted directly from the game's manual. Why even go to this site? Work the game out for yourself and have some fun.

The message board is like another universe. Just post an innocent question or opinion and you will be flamed by imbeciles, pseudo-intellectuals, fanboys and jocks who claim to have lives despite the fact that they're upset by a random post on a computer game board. If you want to feel yourself getting thicker by the second, go to the boards.
A day on the Gamefaqs board:

Muttering Master: "Is this game worth buying? The walkthrough just has the backstory from the manual in it and nothing else."

Randomdickhead2007: "OMG YOUR A FAG LOL!!!11!!"

Mr Pseudy: "Clearly, the trends of inflaton in a postclassical framework show that I'm better than you even though I educated myself entirely on Wikipedia. I think harmless typos are a sign of stupidity."
by Muttering Master March 04, 2007
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A steaming pile of information either submitted by gullible users or stolen from gamewinners (be honest, we all know that's where they get all their cheat codes).

Cnet takes people's work, slaps adds on all the pages leading to them, then when you open any FAQ you get pop ups if your blockers are off.

GameFAQS style is very similar to ebaumsworld's style of being shitfaced ad-mongling whores.
It's still a relief that gamefaqs will at least put your screen-name by your work.
by Peenguin April 22, 2006
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An awesome video game site that has comprehensive game guides for just about any game you can think of, easily search-able and indexed, all submitted by gamers from around the world, and generally reliable.

Retards apparently think the message boards of the site have some bearing on the worth of the site. It does not. I have spent 5 minutes in the boards, saw some threads arguing about WoW and then never went back again.. Message Boards, particularly retarded ones, are a penny a 200, and if you don't like a message board, simply don't use it.. or do what I do.. don't really use much any.. This isn't real life you can just not go there, stop bitching about getting pwned there and just pick another mb...

The value of this site is large amounts of information about most of the games ever released EVER over a wide number of consoles submitted by intelligent and dedicated gamers for the benefit of the online community.
I was getting called a noob in Diablo 2 for not having a character that could run Andy without dying by lvl 20 .. so I went to GameFaqs and got all optimal skill set builds for my Amazon and could solo Andy at lvl 18...
by ActuallyVeryDark October 01, 2009
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