Stuff that looks cool. Often of the 3D or animated variety. Especially so when both at once.
Dude, mad grafix.
I like your grafix.
grafix ftw. has awesome grafix.
by GraFiX April 20, 2006
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A graphics card that looks cool. The word is a reference to the word grafix. It's often a reference to very expensive graphics cards, with animated rgb lights and/or fancy looking coolers. Especially graphics cards that are made by the company Nvidia are often called a grafix card.
Person A: What model is this grafix card?
Person B: This is an Nvidia 3090 that I bought cheap on Ebay for only 2,000 dollars.
Person A: This is truly grafix. I wish I could affort this cool looking grafix card.
Person B: I wish grafix cards would be less expensive, so you could also buy one.
by Nanagos February 13, 2022
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A 1b1t and nanarchy indian player that eats kids
You bro, yk that indian grafix. Yeah bro!
by deyol March 5, 2022
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