A video game store whose main objective is to piss you off as much as possible in the short amount of time you're in the store. You'd think for such a big name that Gamestop employees would be very helpful and nice. Well you thought wrong, my friend.

If you ever want to return a game, buy a game, reserve a game, or do anything related to video games make sure to go ANYWHERE but Gamestop. They just love to rip you off, persuade you to NOT buy what you want to buy because they don't like it, and just screw you over in general.
Idiot: "Hey man, I gotta trade in this game. Let's go to Gamestop!"

Me: "Fuck you."
by JoeNelly April 01, 2008
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A place where they will force you to be open on Easter Sunday, even though the nine other stores in your strip and the 12 across from you are closed...two weeks after your store was held up by three masked me with shotguns in broad daylight. A place where they will have someone come in your store to move your safe from the locked back room up to the front counter DURING BUSINESS HOURS for the world to see. A place where "Loss Prevention" will come in your store and tell you that you have to let customers use the bathrooms. A place where "Loss Prevention" will tell you that you must take the deposit to the bank every day RIGHT BEFORE YOU OPEN, same time, without deviation, for the entire world to see, instead of allowing you to take it during the day at different times, which would be safer and a lot more inconspicuous. A place run by corporate monkeys who have no clue what goes on at the store level. A place that really doesn't care if you live or die working there, that gets continually robbed from the inside and out.
Gamestop really sucks
Working at Gamestop really sucks
We've been robbed 6 times since we opened this Gamestop
We've had 4 break-ins since we opened this Gamestop
We have cameras at Gamestop, but nobody ever gets caught
I can't believe they still work at Gamestop
by Lumpy Doo June 01, 2010
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A videogame store where at least one under qualified female is hired per store as by law. Not for their knowledge of video games but their bra size and Hooters experience. Most games that they are aware of start with NBA or WWF and are hired in the masses by the lonely, lonely Store Managers. See EBgames or Dumb Blonde
"Any previous experience?"
"I used to work at Hooters"
"You start monday."
by fat girl with acne January 11, 2005
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a place of business, often filled with nerds who discuss specific battles they've had with sephiroth, fat women who live in trailors and smack their kids for throwing a box of yu-gi-oh cards across the room, fat men who don't know what they want but want it RIGHT NOW, and employees who hate their lives.
I used to think video games were cool before i worked at Gamestop.
by jedix May 25, 2003
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A basic glorified pawn-shop in which criminals and scumbags can "trade-in" video games and dvds for cash. Beware of their Game Informer Card and Don't reserve games.
Welcome to Gamestop, your one stop pain-in-the-fucking-ass.
by daveydeadite May 19, 2005
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The store that is the king of bullshit. They will hassle you to no end after you purchase your game(s). They always charge too much for used games. Sure you can get an Edge card, but that barely does shit. They don't pay enough for trade-ins. They don't care who they hire, or if they played games or not. Just an awful store.
I got 10 FUCKING dollars for a relatively new Wii game.

One of the employees was an old lady.

I spent 15 minutes getting ONE game because the guy kept hassling me about new releases.

Seriously, fuck gamestop.
by AssPussy Supreme Commander March 31, 2010
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1. Corporate pawn shop specializing in overpriced used and new electronic software.

2.Gamer crackhouse

3.Videogame retail chain/sinkhole that swallows and digests your hard earned cash.

4.Retail chain that tricks suckers/ customers into trading/selling games or movies for a pittance of their actual value.

Dude, gamestop offered me $5 for Madden 08!

Didn't you just buy that?

Yeah...I didn't even open it

Dude...You were just nerd raped
by Malleus Maleficarum October 21, 2008
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