A "Gamestop" is a person who exhibits the qualities and idiosyncrasies of an individual who one would assume is employeed at a Gamestop video game retailer. These characteristics can be include, but are not limited to, personal hygiene, social awkwardness or anti-social behavior, and an overall creep or stalker vibe.
The guy I work with is a real Gamestop. He even wears a black trenchcoat. Does he think that's cool or something?
by skinnyartist April 14, 2011
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1. A large retail chain that has swallowed up and crushed every other video game store on the planet, thanks to their cutthroat business tactics and biased marketing deals with game developers.

2. A pawn shop that specifically caters to ripping off unsuspecting children.

3. A place of supposed business hiring idiotic fanboys too stupid to realize that they won't make enough money to buy the games they love so much due to getting no hours on the schedule for lack of upselling magazine subscriptions like a drooling girl scout.

4. A special section reserved in the fourth layer of hell where your wallet and sanity aren't the only things raped.

5. A place where fangirls flex their knowledge in hopes of wooing unshowered, overweight nerds, only to reject their advances, because no one outside of Gamestop or the MMOs they play will give them a second look.

6. A business where the average transaction takes over 25 minutes to complete because the clerks hold your purchase hostage until they recite a novel's worth of asinine bullshit concerning pre-ordering of a title due to the district manager's bonus that's tied in.

7. A decaying, outdated, archaic business model that will choke as soon as the next generation of consoles that don't play used games launch.

8. A store where the district managers have never worked a retail gig, let alone played an actual video game, grind employee souls into the epoxy used to create the fee-ridden Comdata pay cards.
Clerk: Howdy, boss, welcome to Gamestop!

You: I'd like to purchase this game.

Clerk: That won't happen until you reserve nine games and buy this magazine which gives you $0.02 savings on every purchase.

You: No thanks, just the one game.

Clerk: Are you sure? My overlords are watching me right now, and they're going to sacrifice a human baby and drink its blood in the name of Mammon if I don't get 47 reserves and 23 subscriptions today...

You: I'm going to Wal Mart, Target, Frys, or Best Buy where they don't nickel and dime me for stupid shit, have whatever I want in stock whether I pre-order it or not, including special editions that you short-sell to doctor supply and demand, and I'm pissing on this broken demo Wii stand on my way out in hopes of giving the next child that tries to play it AIDS so he'll die before you get any more of his allowance.
by WCrispy May 01, 2012
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When you Buy a new or used game from GameStop, Beat it then return it and get your money back.
I'm going to GameStop that game.
by Zandor95 January 01, 2011
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A video games store just like any other video game store. The one where I live seems to be alright, so far.
The Gamestop we just got here seems to be cool. Hopefully it will stay that way..but the first time I see some fat mother hauling her kids around, I am leaving.
by Cheesecake Truck November 12, 2004
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A place that is considered a business. It buys and sells used games often in the process stealing money from the people they buy/sell to. Gamestop usually hires people without souls. They draw in people with souls by advertising sales. These sales usually include things such as "Trade in 2 DS/PSP games and get an extra $10 on your trade in!(Trade in value must be store credit and it comes with a large deposit of your soul) The only time people with souls enter this mystical place called game stop is when they are looking for cheap entertainment.
Brandon: Yo man i Hear there having a sale down at that gamestop...
Denton: Want to go even though we have souls?
Brandon: Sure why not without souls the employees won't see me stick all of there PSP accessories in my pants and walk out!
Denton: There is nothing like free shit!
Brandon:Afterwards lets call then on a pay phone and ask a question and when they answer keep asking why no matter what they say!
Denton: Sounds fun...
by Brandonstealsfromgamestop August 03, 2007
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A video game store whose main objective is to piss you off as much as possible in the short amount of time you're in the store. You'd think for such a big name that Gamestop employees would be very helpful and nice. Well you thought wrong, my friend.

If you ever want to return a game, buy a game, reserve a game, or do anything related to video games make sure to go ANYWHERE but Gamestop. They just love to rip you off, persuade you to NOT buy what you want to buy because they don't like it, and just screw you over in general.
Idiot: "Hey man, I gotta trade in this game. Let's go to Gamestop!"

Me: "Fuck you."
by JoeNelly March 31, 2008
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A corporation influenced video game store that used to be great.

Began as Funkoland.
Got better as Electronic Botique.
Corporate dumbed down as EB Games.
On life support as Gamestop.
FUCK Gamestop!
by mc0341 March 20, 2020
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