Usually only seen in small to mid-sized bars, when a bartender gives a patron a drink "on the house". This usually occurs after the patron purchases three or more drinks. It keeps the patron buying drinks and gives them satisfaction.
Man #1: Sweet! I just got a free drink!

Man #2: Finally a buy back! Let's get some more shots and beer!

Man #1: I love this bar...
by Jellynuts August 10, 2007
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When the bartender buys you a drink after you buy two.
Dude, Collins Bar rocks because the bartenders always give you buy backs.
by coodence July 20, 2007
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When someone goes to an used car dealership with a car to trade in, and ends up buying the same car back they had before at a marked up price.
Guy: I like this car, it looks just like my old one.
Salesman: With your trade in, you can have it for just $2,000.

Guy: I'll take it. (Salesman thinks to himself "Thats the same car he drove here in, thats one hell of a Nigerian buy back.)
by wesje November 20, 2009
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A rare experience that only occurs once in a great lifetime. Between a salesman and his prey.

When a guy takes a customers trade in, then 20 minutes later sell it right back to said customer at a mark-up.
Tim: Look at my new car!
Jay: Isn't that your old car?
Tim: No.. this one cost 3,000 more!
Jay: No I'm pretty sure that's the same fucking hyundai...
Tim: wha... Son of a B!tch the old Nigerian Buy-Back!!!
Jay: You're a retard.
by Trebor Sivad February 17, 2011
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when one person buys an item and then resells the item back to the original seller at an inflated price within 24 hours
salesman #1: "did you see that..?"
salesman #2: "no, what happened?"
salesman #1: "that guy just sold us his car for $4,000 and i just sold it back to him for $6,000.. haha"
salesman #2: "nice nigerian buy-back.. classic!!"
by Jay2kay November 23, 2009
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v. The act of selling one's text books from the previous semester back to the university. This will ALWAYS result in feelings of abuse, frustration, being ripped off, and barely enough cash to pay for a conciliatory ice cream cone.
"Dude, I spent like $500 on text books for class this spring, and I went to the university book store for a Textbook buy-back, and they only paid me $23 for the whole lot!"

"Wow! That's messed up! You must feel pretty ripped-off, abused, and frustrated. Wanna go get some ice cream?"

"Sure. Next year I'm definitely buying my books online, if the school posts the book list earlier than seven days before class!"
by GoLookItUp May 7, 2012
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