a useful tool when sparring in preparation for an upcoming MMA fight, the strategy involves repeatedly jabbing the opponent in the face using a right-left-right-left pattern. this is useful because it not only lands a great number of punches, but it also keeps your opponent far away and out of range for his own strikes
henry: man, this guy keeps taking me down and i can't score any points
noah: dude, you should just go back to the strategy!
by usctrojans11 May 31, 2010
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Something that you do to help you acheive a goal.
My strategy to get better at soccer is to practice.
by ghre dahdfoadhf November 20, 2016
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When playing multiplayer Super Mario Bros. (for Wii) A-strategy is the act of pressing the A button when on the verge of dying, this so the other player can pop you out of the bubble when he/she is safe.

Not to be confused with A-panic which is the spontaneous act of prematurely pressing the A button when you obviously don't need to.
"Hmm, I'm falling to my death, let me perform the A-strategy so I can safely float in my bubble towards the other player who's actually making this horrible jump!"
by Lady Grinch May 16, 2010
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1.Ones only mode of action in checkers.
2.Singular form of strategy.
3.A strategy consisting of one simple move.
"Glenn has but one strategi"
"That's when you unleash your strategy or strategi"
"In age of empires trever has but on strategi"
by fizwigit January 16, 2006
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John and Drew cough when It's my turn to toss the bean bag and call it Strategy.. CHEATERS
by msw08 July 28, 2011
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A well designed plan of action
Jamie has no strategy in the game of risk. Hence why he loses all the time
by Texassteve July 29, 2019
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