Perceived non-monetary credit towards pursuit of the opposite sex.
texting her pics of your dick gets you hella game points
by Innagadda July 28, 2010
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The "Game of Points" is a mentally disturbing and challenging game in which someone who has absolutely no boundaries is awarded points for doing dirty and unmentionable things. After acquiring so many points the challengee advances to the next level. There are 5 different ranks and limitless levels. You start off with nothing at 25 you become bronze after 50 points you're silver, gold 75 points, platimun 100 points, diamond 125, miner 150 points. Upon reaching 150 points youre bumped down to nothing and start over. you add 1 to each level as you gain points.
Blake: Man did you hear? Brandon just advanced to level 9 platinum.

Garrett: Holy crap you serious?

Blake: Yeah that guy is disturbing.

Garrett: No he's just a boss at the game of points.
by Cthulhu Windsloft Paper Master December 4, 2013
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Otherwise known as the Elistist game, the goal of the JSA points game is to hook up with people at conferences to score points. The higher position someone holds, the more points they are worth. (Founded in the ORV)
Dude, I just hooked up with the PNW governer for ten points! I'm so good at the JSA Points Game!
by actdir January 8, 2010
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