That which is justly deserved. Can refer to either a punishment (more common usage) or a reward.

Pronounced like 'desserts', the sweet course at the end of a meal, but spelled like an arid land mass, e.g. 'The Sahara and Gobi deserts are big, hot, and dry'.
'After cheating on him for years, she finally received her just deserts when presented with the divorce papers.'

'Ever patient and persistent in her struggle against the suppression of her people, she eventually got her just deserts in the form of a Nobel prize for peace.'
by pepelemoko November 15, 2007
An idiom for ' to get whats coming to you ' .
It may appear that they're getting ahead by cheating, but they'll get their just deserts in the end.
by foodforthought95 May 11, 2013