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German Industro-Metal band formed back in 1994. The members are:
Till Lindemann - Vocals
Richard J. Kruspe-Bernstein - Guitar
Paul Landers - Guitar #2
Oliver Riedel - Bass
Christoph Schneider - Drums
Christian "Flake" Lorenz - Keyboard

Their music is, to say the least, a great combination of soothing melodies and lightning-fast guitar riffs and drumlines that put them in a category of (almost) their own. Speaking german or looking up a translation of the lyrics shows just how deep and intuitive their songs can be, and is another affirmation that they are one of the best bands around today. Their closest rival is the Serbio-German Group Laibach, who have been doing this for more than 20 years.
If you like Rammstein, also try Laibach, KMFDM, Stahlhammer, Ministry, Die Pudhys, or Megaherz.
DONT TRY Linkin Park or Slipknot (not that I don't like Slipknot, but they are nothing compared to Rammstein)
by monzacorvair66 January 09, 2004

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John Z. DeLorean's greatest creation (next to the DeLorean). Built beginning in 1964 as an option package for the Pontiac Tempest LeMans, it was immediately successful. GTO stands for Gran Turismo Omologato, or in English, Grand Touring Homologated. It envolved taking a relatively small Tempest body, removing the 4-cylinder engine, and dropping in a much larger 389 cu. in. V-8 found in the Pontiac Bonneville. The result was an absolute thrill to drive. To date it is regarded by any true sports car authority as one of the greatest sports cars ever made. To this day, they can be seen beating Domestics and Imports alike.
Smart Guy - "That '67 GTO with 402 cu. in. V-8 and Edelbrock High-Rise Intake with Supercharger will beat just about anything on the track."
Honda Driver - "yeah rite dawg my honda civic wit nawzZzZz port injeKshon wud OwNn that piese of america car crap"

ps - using the initials GTO to stand for anything Japanese should constitute a federal offense. italians are still cool though (their cars (and cartoons) dont suck).
by monzacorvair66 September 05, 2003

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Chevrolet car built from 1960-1969. First popular American car built with a RR (rear-engined, rear-wheel drive) drivetrain layout, and a horizontally opposed engine. It was popular in all model-years it was produced, although its sales were diminished beginning in 1965 following the introduction of the Ford Mustang and Ralph Nader's report "Unsafe at Any Speed", which attacked the Corvair for having stability problems and dangerous fuel systems(although Chevrolet did correct these problems in 1965). The Corvair was one of the first "import killers" manufactured, being small, sporty, and economical. The simple Horizontally-Opposed 164 cu. 6-cylinder engine was easy to service and required little maintnence, and got excellent gas mileage. It was the only car to incorporate a 4-wheel fully independent suspension system (besides the Corvette) in the 1960's, one of the first two cars to use a turbocharger, and the first car to feature a folding rear seat for additional cargo room.
That '64 Corvair Spyder sure looks good, but I prefer my '66 Corvair Corsa Turbocharger.
by monzacorvair66 August 29, 2003

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Term coined to represent the plural of the word queef. Invented by Neil Lobo, a proud initiate of the GNAA.
I stepped into the lesbian protest group and was quickly overwhelmed by the stench of hundreds of wafting queeves.
by monzacorvair66 December 05, 2004

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