GTA V but it's multiplayer and is filled with modders and people who kill everybody in sight with their Oppressor MK2 and takes forever to load.
Me: Ima play some GTA Online.
*20 minutes later*
Me: *snore* Ah what? Oh I'm finally in!
*Guy with Oppressor MKII kills me*
Me: Bullcrap!
*Modder drops money on everybody*
Me: Uhhhh, I'm leaving.
*Presses Alt+F4*
by BigBoi Gaming November 6, 2019
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The online part of Grand Theft Auto V. It used to be a fun game, but it has become a nightmare nowadays.
GTA Online used to be fun, but now it's full of griefers, tryhards, screaming kids, Oppresor MK2s and overpriced currency. Rockstar has lost their magic.
by Some guy on UD May 20, 2021
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Aside from being the buggiest piece of shit anticipated for a year, a fun online feature of the game Grand Theft Auto V.
Person 1: Hey you want to play some GTA Online?

Person 2: Sorry, nope, I can't connect to the FUCKING servers.
by zeestie October 7, 2013
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1. You got off the subway, you walk up the stairs. Behold, ads are all around you. You are in Times Square!

2. You rob, you rob, you rob, you rob, you rob, you rob, you rob, you rob, you rob, and you rob.
1: I will play GTA Online
2: Well, call it Times Square because there are ads EVERYWHERE!
by Junobright February 3, 2021
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A fun little game made by Rockstar games in 2013
Person 1: What's your Rank in GTA Online?
Person 2: 68
Person 1: cool.
by XboxGamerOne August 4, 2018
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A boring ass game where little squeakers ride broomsticks and blow mfs up for no reason.
We had GTA online for 8 years WHERE TF IS GTA 6 ROCKSTAR?
by Lbottylmao October 14, 2021
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Mostly higher ranks like 200 and up who just keep killing you over and over again. These people care about their KD ratio too much and take it too far with it. They kill you right away after you spawn, kill any player in their vision, destroy cargo and stuff like this. Expect to see a KD ratio on them that is higher than 1.00 and that is how you know they are a tryhard.
“This rare species of animal is called a gta online tryhard who care about their KD ratio too much”
by Bread sheerans July 29, 2020
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