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A fun little game made by Rockstar games in 2013
Person 1: What's your Rank in GTA Online?
Person 2: 68
Person 1: cool.
by XboxGamerOne August 04, 2018
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Usually a way to describe a fanbase with lots of sexual fan art, for example, Rick and morty, MLP, undertale, cuphead, FNAF, and baldi's basics.
Guy: Hey, wanna see my cuphead fan art?
Guy 2: No, the fan base is too toxic
by XboxGamerOne August 05, 2018
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A console made by Microsoft in 2013, it has 3 models, the original from 2013, The S from 2016, And The X from 2017, which can play 4K Games at 60FPS
Guy:Hey, you got the new PS4
Guy 2: Nah, Xbox one is better.
by XboxGamerOne August 04, 2018
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