Yelling "I am going to take the moon!" Before sticking your giant nose in someone's asshole.
I grued my girl twice while watching Despicable Me last night.
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by 5280.0feet May 20, 2018
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A socially confused up-tight russian like person with huge shoulders that is niether a hero nor a villan. Often associated with a bald guy with a pointy nose. You can use it in a sentence to describe someone that looks strange or is up to no good but you dont have proof of his hostility. Shady figure.
Guy, "That man is such a Gru, look at him"
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by Magnusicus July 06, 2017
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A direct address applied only to the coolest of cool, or the lamest of lame. It is sort of a double-edged sword. The word is sometimes ambiguous in its usage.
Gru, you really stink OR Gru, you rock.
by surrealfx July 10, 2005
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A smexy ass man with the nose of Apollo who will do anything for his baby gorls
You: Did you see that guy at the party yesterday?
RanDOM BOi: he was a real gru
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by Sydney Moore November 07, 2018
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