‘GRL’ is the abbreviation of ‘Girl’, mostly known for the popular quote “GRL PWR”. It's also a popular girl group that was around between 2013-2015 (R.I.P. Simone Battle).
Christian: Hey, have you listen to ‘Ugly Heart’ by GRL?
Tiffanie: Yeah, they're definitely very talented and the song is a whole bop!
by G.R.L. May 23, 2019
Used directly at a person when they laugh instantly after they say a joke. As if to fill an awkward silence.
Guy 1: How about that blue man group?
Guy 1: LOL
Guy 2: GRL
by azz13 August 9, 2007
To laugh at your own joke, even after no one else has.
Miyke: u look like sumthin that came out of my toilet!
Miyke: LOL
Random person: Zomg u GRL'd.
by chinkyy August 9, 2007
Dude 1: Hey man, RoxStar34 is a cool chick.
Dude 2: Umm dude, you that RoxStar34 isn't a grl.
Dude 1: ......Aw crap.
by Ziad April 11, 2006
Chargin by the minute cause her time is really pricey
"Y'all betta hurry up cause she's an expensive icy grl."
by Hennesy March 18, 2018
Chargin' by the minute cuz Her time is really pricey
Man:That girl over there is an icy grl
by Ducky the creator March 22, 2018
Abbreviation for the feminist sloganGirl Power”.
Person 1: Happy International Women’s Day!

Person 2: GRL PWR
by sno🤙🏽 March 8, 2018