A way to say 'thank you' to someone (usually if they were looking out for you). Can be shortened to simply 'good lookin'.
"Here, let me get that for you."
"Hey, good lookin out, man."
by Sean Piece November 05, 2003
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Something you say to someone when they do something beneficial by thinking ahead.
"Ay, if dey cars are faster than ours?"

"Don worry...I did cut their brakes."

by Joshiro007 February 18, 2003
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To congradulate another person for having your back. More specifically to save you from getting in trouble.
Person #1: hey, sorry I took so long, did the boss come looking for me?

Person #2: yeah, but I told him you were taking out the trash

Person #1: oh alright, good lookin out

Person #2: no problem
by SkateboardC August 04, 2008
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The equivalent of having someone's back, doing something good for someone else without it necessarily being asked of you.
Bro 1: Yo who put my laundry in the dryer?
Bro 2: It was me fam, you were gone for a hot minute and I had to start my whites.
Bro 1: Ah I feel you, good lookin' out.

Homie 1: Ay anybody got any extra points? I haven't eaten in weeks!
Homie 2: I gotchu fam
Homie 1: You the realest, good lookin out.
by phill_pickles January 15, 2016
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A phrase used to show appreciation to someone that helped you out.
Jeremy: Yo James, you want a soda
James: Fo sho, good lookin' out dogg, I'm hella thirsty
by Hoss March 31, 2005
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1. When somebody has your back.
2. When one does a small favor for you.
1. *while playing Halo and your team mate kills an enemy that was about to assasinate you*
You: "Good lookin' out man."
Teammate: "No problem I got you."
2. You: "Dude I need to call into work but I don't have a good excuse."
Friend: "Just tell them you have diarrhea."
You: "Great idea! Good lookin out man."
by Andy Orem July 20, 2008
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a phrase used to say "thank you". usually it is for something that has already happend. usually used in a casual context, when someone has done you a favor, but probably not a huge favor
girl: "here's your shirts, i stopped by the dry cleaners on the way home"
boy: "oh thanks babe, good lookin out"
by Olly J March 31, 2005
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