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when you are told to do something that you dont want to do
go home oh alright
by heymaker February 13, 2018
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It's another type of way to say 'exactly' when used In a situation where somebody claims something that has no proof and you question them but they say silent because they have nothing else to say.
Lia: You stole my pencil!
Gina: How? and it has my name on it and your pencil is on your desk?
Lia: ..............
Gina: Oh alright then (exactly)
by Igotbangtan_2013 April 4, 2019
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The true essence of Oh Alright then is to leave work early without any supervisors knowing, and remaining on the payroll.
Person a: What time do you get off of work today?

Person b: Well, I'm scheduled til 5 but I'm gonna Oh Alright Then at about 11.
by J.C bw of Tommy October 25, 2007
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A phrase that may be used to respond to absolutely anything. When something sweet happens you, you pronoujnce the ohs short but when something shitty happpens you elongated the ohhhs.
Scrub- dude im having a rager tomorow.

Bro- oh, ohh alright.
by whatsgood! October 12, 2009
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