Abbreviation for Get Outta Here. Rhymes with Go, & probably inspires the same purpose. Said when shocked or surprised at someone's short-sighted statements.
Ryan : Why are you such a control freak?!
Bella : Oh, so now, I'm the one being a control freak all of a suddenly?! GOH!!
by Halock September 17, 2020
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A very fruity kid that catches Pokémon that really likes another fruity kid that battles Pokémon but that other fruity kid has had a lot of cis arcs
Man, I love Goh. He’s the best character in the popular franchise Pokémon. Literally solos your favs.
by SodaP0PU March 28, 2022
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A response to an action, phrase, or joke that was extremely lame.
Charlie: "That omelet was sp-egg-tacular!"

Cameron: "Goh......"
by SOADFAN1010 December 15, 2009
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*Bob shoots Jimmy*
Jimmy 'GOHHHHHHHH!!!!11'
by Jiganig June 8, 2009
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an expression used by the people who are expressin shock or excitement
'he went for a shady one'
by buttfuck160792 August 13, 2008
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Outstanding, greatest person you will ever know. Easy to love. Gorgeous, and up for anything. Classy, a rare being to be privileged enough to encounter. will make anyone’s heart beat louder. But don’t let her playful innocent ways fool you be sure to be real with her because she will see right through you. Her glamorous style and natural beauty makes her powerfully mysterious and fascinating. If she happens to walk into your life prepare to thank the stars. Stands up for her friends, and could steal your heart with one look. Strong willed and the type everyone loves to hang around. Will drive you crazy making you think of ways to keep her attention. has a smile that lights up your life, a scent which stays with you until you see her again. wants a man who is confident, and secure of himself. loves challenges, and adventure. You don't find a Priscilla, she selects you, if you were lucky enough to get picked, good luck keeping her. romantic, makes the boys smile and swoon. known to be the kindest and prettiest girl inside and out. never does what you would expect which will make you love her even more. Smart, and sexy. never get on her bad side it is a dark and scary place. tends to guard her emotions and is not considered a love sick puppy like most girls. Remember when she says she loves you she truly means it. rare and beautiful, so the outcome of meeting one is good luck for 740 years. Just get her to fall in love with you and you are the luckiest bastard to walk the earth.
I need me a Priscilla Goh.

A Priscilla Goh is what God placed on earth to remind us humans what Goddess look like. Natural beauty minus the trying.

Did you see that Priscilla Goh?!?!
by maxtaylor August 13, 2010
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