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The art of placing ones scrotum aka (balls,Testicles) onto anothers eyes with just enough pressure so that equal coverage is applied across bridge of the nose simmulating GOGGLES!
Did that girl just have balls on her face? No man she just got Goggled!
by Goggle Doctor February 22, 2010
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To the point of being intoxicated, while having numerous women by your side. Only to find out next day that they were hideous.
Joe had drank so much that he became goggled and went home with this ugly woman.
by Jalapeno Flavor September 08, 2010
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When you Google'd (researched) something while wearing your beer glasses.
I am pretty sure I the Males sperm dictates the sex of a child, I just Goggled it the other night. In other words I was drunk and I might be wrong.
by Gweedo8 March 10, 2015
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