It is a short word for Gay Guys Want Penis and it can be used in many scenarios
Guy 1: Hey! did you know that GGWP?
Guy 2: Yeah man, it's crazy!
by YeetMasterQwertyStar123 February 27, 2020
its a term that gamers use at the end of arguing a point or just screwing around. It means 'good game, well played'
Tanner- awww, you thought you could beat me with your petty little mods and upgrades?
Dalton- *Dissapointed sigh* ggwp
by AlleyKatt December 24, 2014
Good Game, Well Played.
Usually in the end of a game match in the chat to be especially polite and show better sportsmanship (compared to just a gg that can mean insulting, and more against a ggez).

Basically everyone, even the loser who lost a 0 to 69420666 can say it, as a kind of manner on the Internet.
<game ends>
<Person 1>gg
<Person 2>ggwp
<Person 3>ggez
<Person 2>zamn you so impolite
<Person 1>Better than Person 4, who just fucking ragequit!
GGWP means good game, well played in the gaming scen. But can also mean git gud, why play. Witch you could type if u won a game very hard.
GGWP nice played.
by LimpThePimp August 20, 2018