stands for "good game(for me because I win) easy"
Type this in the game to be a sore winner and express poor sportmanship to brag, gloat, mock or irritate your opponents when you win.
Game : Victory
xxxEliteGamerxxx <<(sore winner) : GGEZ
by URMuted December 18, 2019
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A phrase used as a taunt at the end of a match in competitive online gaming. It is a contraction of gg and ez.

There are several ways of using this phrase:
* Honestly (but considered BM), at the end of a steamroll.
* Ironically, by the winner. When both teams were equally matched and the final scores are close to one another. One could argue that there was an actual gg, in which both sides had an equal opportunity and skill to secure the win. It is often used to express discontent, possibly as a result of their own team's performance, even though they did win.
* Ironically, by the loser. Regardless of the game outcome, a member of the losing party may express "ggez". With that, ironically congratulating the winning team, while simultaneously insulting the team members of their own losing team. Telling the winning team that the reason for their victory was the poor performance of the losing team.

It can be argued that gg stands for git gud (rather than "good game"), as another layer of insult.
Red team wins!
Red #4: ggwp
Red #1: ggez
Red #2: gg ez

Blue team wins!
Red #3: ggez
by Bowsette_IRL June 21, 2016
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1.GGEZ stands for Good Game , Easy..

2.GGEZ is used when u win a game easily or like playing with newbies enemy
3.GGEZ is a term of a way u say something when u are about to lose a game but u suddenly win the game.

Others : comeback
Game : “Victory!”
Junaidi : GGEZ , u are very noob Azri u lost two times with me straight!
by JunzzPlayzz December 17, 2017
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word used for any gaming clan that has members who believe themselves to be superior to everyone else, is led by a 20 year old nolife, uses their influence to manipulate already corrupt discord mods, and is generally racist and homophobic. they also generally think its fun to troll on people cus they have nothing better to do
primitive ape: ggez Official is so pro!
being of disembodied intelligence 1: is that true?
being of disembodied intelligence 2: naw I went to school with the leader and he was a Steven Glansberg
by TheDickler September 12, 2022
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The coolest and most diverse kids on the block! They also swag on all reddit losers and no-lifes that complain about teaming. They define the words drip, cool and swag. Ggez
I'm getting a stroke because ggez Official is so cool and instead of being like them I complain about teaming in
by catwithkookie August 26, 2021
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primarily used by the winning in a competitive game like csgo.
Winning team: "GGEZ fags see u at major"
by boogie2969 November 5, 2018
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