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<<Team Red won the game>>
Blue 1: GGWP Reds!
Red 2: You too, better luck next time!
by Urbietc December 16, 2011
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Good Game Well Played. Used in online games.

Also can be used in real life, where it simply means "game over," and can be used in non-game situations.
Person 1: "My doctor just told me I have degenerative butt disease. My butt is going to fall off."
Person 2: "Wow. Ggwp"
by Don't tell me what to do May 19, 2018
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GGWP is the internet slang for good game well played.
Bob: OMG this turn-a-round
TryndamereOP: fuck you bob, your final score was 12/60 and you ks all of it.

ValorQuinn101(purple): What u smokin', GGWP. You'll win as long as your bot doesn't feed the Quinn even though she sucks.
by THE NAME IS VALOR November 02, 2013
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its a term that gamers use at the end of arguing a point or just screwing around. It means 'good game, well played'
Tanner- awww, you thought you could beat me with your petty little mods and upgrades?
Dalton- *Dissapointed sigh* ggwp
by AlleyKatt December 23, 2014
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Ggwp is a gamer term to say "good game well played" or in reference to jacksepticeye saying get good weak pussy while play overwatch.
Fuck boy 1:I got a low k/d in cod and some nerd told me ggwp.
Fuck boy 2:Bro.You think he meant "good game well play".
Fuck boy 3:Nah.I think he meant "get good weak pussy".
(Fuck boy 2 and 3 laughing while Fuck boy 1 is salty
by L1F31SM3AN1NGL355 August 05, 2016
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