<<Team Red won the game>>
Blue 1: GGWP Reds!
Red 2: You too, better luck next time!
by Urbietc December 16, 2011
Good Game Well Played. Used in online games.

Also can be used in real life, where it simply means "game over," and can be used in non-game situations.
Person 1: "My doctor just told me I have degenerative butt disease. My butt is going to fall off."
Person 2: "Wow. Ggwp"
by Don't tell me what to do April 1, 2018
GGWP is the internet slang for good game well played.
Bob: OMG this turn-a-round
TryndamereOP: fuck you bob, your final score was 12/60 and you ks all of it.

ValorQuinn101(purple): What u smokin', GGWP. You'll win as long as your bot doesn't feed the Quinn even though she sucks.
by THE NAME IS VALOR November 3, 2013
Acronym for "good game well played," originally coined by supple zac. (Often used sarcastically.)
*person dies*
"Haha GGWP"
by ol' pussy pwner December 27, 2019
Ggwp is a gamer term to say "good game well played" or in reference to jacksepticeye saying get good weak pussy while play overwatch.
Fuck boy 1:I got a low k/d in cod and some nerd told me ggwp.
Fuck boy 2:Bro.You think he meant "good game well play".
Fuck boy 3:Nah.I think he meant "get good weak pussy".
(Fuck boy 2 and 3 laughing while Fuck boy 1 is salty
by L1F31SM3AN1NGL355 August 5, 2016
*The game ends* Everybody goes in chat: "GGWP"
by Harambe'sDeath.avi January 3, 2017
Good game wet pussy, a phrase commonly stated after sexual intercourse.
*Cums*, ah yes that was great, ggwp.
by FLUB916 November 28, 2020