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Literally 'normal language", what Hong Kong people and Chinese people call Mandarin.
The killer other Chinese dialects, such as Cantonese.
In Hong Kong culture, Putonghua is often referred to the "Winter Melon" because of it's pronounciation.
Your Putonghua sucks so much no one understands you.
I will never understand why Putonghua is better than Cantonese.
Nei di dong gua zhong mei souk nei zau mai lan gong laa! (Your putonghua isn't fluent enough so don't fucking speak it!)
by someone out there who is bored December 10, 2020
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It's another, less significant version of pay-to-win. It might be a free game at first glance, but after playing for a few levels it becomes pay-to-win because things would get increasingly harder which forces you to pay.
Most of these are mobile games, as PC game makers would rather charge you, but iirc some takes form of DLCs.

Capitalism, eh?
Ethan: Dude I cannot break this level it is so goddamn hard!
Me: These MMORPGs are pay-to-progress man, if you don't pay, you just can never break this level. Things that are free are the most expensive, you know.
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The simplest if words who still doesn't have a definition yet.
Simply what you say when you don't want someone to do something.
The abbreviated version is "Don't".
Person 1: I want to have babies!
Person 2: Do not. You're only 15.
Person 1: I want to have se...
Person 2: Do not.
Person 1: I want to talk about se...
Person 2: Do not. Your penis is not what you joke with.
Person 1: I want to swe...
Person 2: Do not.
Person 1: I want to beat up my cushion!
Person 2: Do not. The cushion can break.
Person 1: What can I do then?
Person 2: Anything good.
Person 1: Other than homework and revision?
Person 2: Nothing.
Person 1 proceeds to jump off the apartment.
by someone out there who is bored February 5, 2021
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From Cantonese "落狗屎", when it is raining so hard that the HKO issued an Amber rainstorm warning (but refuses to issue the red warning until 8am) and you cannot not get wet even at all costs.

Raining cats and dogs
Bucket rain
Waaaaaaaa diu it's raining dogshit outside how am I even supposed to go home
by someone out there who is bored November 10, 2021
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What you would probably type, or something like that when you are raging. Or when you are bored. Or when you are having sechs. Or whatever condition you would want to spam the keyboard.
txfzuditxgxigdtdiyxigguutvhiduftitiskhxbksyiwiyaiysighxvjsigdohdhksgjhxjvxgusuteoeyizjvzjgsugskgxkgzjgsgusjgzjvzjsigsihxkhckhsugsjgzjv, vxgsifskgzkvzjgskjgzjgskgzjgzjgxugsjgsjgzjvzvkxhkxihzkhxlhxkhzgjzfjajgzkgxhkdiywiysyirigsysgsgkzkgxkhxmvxhx
by someone out there who is bored October 20, 2021
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So, this is the latest meme in the Internet. This originated from the PRC which wants to add a score to track whether you did anything bad, notably, are you against Chinese wills, which will deduct or increase your score and get privileges or penalties. Who knows is it real, but outside of the PRC, it is wildly used as a meme to mock the PRC (please don't screw me up) or whatever.
(I live in Hong Kong save us)
Taiwan is not a country
你获得了50分社会信用 (you obtained 50 points of social credit)

Taiwan should be a country
我操你妈,扣去100分社会信用 (fuck you, deduct 100 points of social credit)

(please don't screw me the politics on the island are really complex)
by someone out there who is bored November 26, 2021
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