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It's another, less significant version of pay-to-win. It might be a free game at first glance, but after playing for a few levels it becomes pay-to-win because things would get increasingly harder which forces you to pay.
Most of these are mobile games, as PC game makers would rather charge you, but iirc some takes form of DLCs.

Capitalism, eh?
Ethan: Dude I cannot break this level it is so goddamn hard!
Me: These MMORPGs are pay-to-progress man, if you don't pay, you just can never break this level. Things that are free are the most expensive, you know.
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From Cantonese "落狗屎", when it is raining so hard that the HKO issued an Amber rainstorm warning (but refuses to issue the red warning until 8am) and you cannot not get wet even at all costs.

Raining cats and dogs
Bucket rain
Waaaaaaaa diu it's raining dogshit outside how am I even supposed to go home
by someone out there who is bored November 10, 2021
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The official website for the new Oxford English/Spanish Dictionary.
Lexico is where you find good descriptions, Urban Dictionary is where you joke the fuck on the Internet,
by someone out there who is bored December 11, 2020
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The simplest if words who still doesn't have a definition yet.
Simply what you say when you don't want someone to do something.
The abbreviated version is "Don't".
Person 1: I want to have babies!
Person 2: Do not. You're only 15.
Person 1: I want to have se...
Person 2: Do not.
Person 1: I want to talk about se...
Person 2: Do not. Your penis is not what you joke with.
Person 1: I want to swe...
Person 2: Do not.
Person 1: I want to beat up my cushion!
Person 2: Do not. The cushion can break.
Person 1: What can I do then?
Person 2: Anything good.
Person 1: Other than homework and revision?
Person 2: Nothing.
Person 1 proceeds to jump off the apartment.
by someone out there who is bored February 5, 2021
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A minimod appears in every Discord server. They will warn you once you get little bit firey or violated the rules when clearly no mods are around and it won't get you banned. If you start arguing with the minimods, the discussion will heat up within seconds. If you ignore, they will start to pretend they have the power and warn you that you might be banned. If you complain about minimods existing even though the rules banned minimods, you will be muted because even the real mods likes minimods.
Ew minimods are telling me to stop swearing
when there isn't a rule that prohibits swearing

by someone out there who is bored January 26, 2022
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Stands for the Hong Kong Observatory. The sole worst part of the government that cares more about the economy than the citizen's well-being.

Their worst-doings include:
-Wrongly hoisted the tsunami warning at 2004
-Not hoisting the red rainstorm warning (rain more than 50mm per hour) or the typhoon (hurricanes in the Pacific area) signal no. 8 (gale or storm) before 8am frequently, making everyone's shoes, socks and trousers as disastrous as 1941
-Giving wrong estimates or blurry times when reporting typhoons, for example saying that No. 8 will be hoisted between midnight and morning, and ended up hoisting it in the middle of the day (I forgot)
The HKO still hasn't hoisted the No.8 typhoon signal... DLLMCH I need to go back to school despite it's raining dogshit outside...
by someone out there who is bored November 12, 2021
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