Hey bro , I just found this new virgin
-what’s that
- a fortnite streamer
-cool what’s his name
-damn, I heard he died of ligma
by louis sandcastle July 30, 2018
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25yr old virgin that is a twitch streamer and plays fortnite for a living
They are also known as the

Super virgin over 9000
Normal person " Oi, get a real job my guy"
Fortnite streamer " but I'm to virgin!"
Normal person "wait yeah, I forgot"
Normal person "just stop playing fortnite"
Fortnite streamer "but i spent $2000 on it!"
Normal person "wow, you really are a ultra mega super virgin retard"
by DrBiGBallZ November 30, 2021
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A 21 year old playing fortnite while screaming and swearing as stupid 5 year olds watches.
by KarenKiller October 2, 2020
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The fattest cocks you will ever see on the internet. They are all virgins and have never gotten a girlfriend in their lives. One includes the famous Fortnite streamer ninja.
Jim: Wow, these fortnite streamers are giant virgins.
Timmy: You're right, this guy Ninja is a massive virgin.
by LigmaFatPenis September 30, 2018
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