Paige is an angel from above. Her beauty is one that is unmatched from any other person in the world. She is sweet, nice, and has a smile that can brighten up a room. She is not only all of these things but also a friend that you can trust. She can make you smile even at the saddest of times and make you laugh even in depression. She is also the nicest person you will ever meet, if you ever have the good fortune of meeting her. As I said she is an angel, an angel that was sent down to brighten peoples days with her beautiful face and to make those smile when having a bad day. She is the best girl in the world, one that I will always love.
You are almost like a Paige, but no one can be as beautiful as her.
by nellister May 24, 2011
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the most self concious girl going, beautiful face, body, eyes, and everyone loves her, she has hard punches, but isnt afraid to fight, she is shy and awkward at first but once you get to know her she is one of the greatest people ever, shes got your back all the time and she always makes sure you're okay.
me: me and paige did something earlier
friend: oh cool
by dannyisyourboy2k11 May 13, 2011
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an awesome girl that is pretty and amazing. she has lots of friends and lots of boys after her
"Man i would love to be with a paige"

"Ya me too that waould rock"

"only if you get luckky will you get a paige"

"darn RIGHT!"
by gigiLOL January 10, 2012
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an amazing beautiful girl who deserves the best in life, she is the best girlfriend anyone could ever ask for and i dont deserve her. she is perfect in every way
that is so paige

te amo infinitamente y pase lo que pase quiero que nunca te lo olvides
by kiddo282 October 6, 2010
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a person whom is confused and tired but keeps going bro. fake it till you make it Shes pretty but doesn't like to be called it, she lacks self-confidence but likes to talk A LOT when you get to know her. Shes an amazing friend but may create drama for people
get yourself a paige all she does is sleep and smile
i know its tiring
by egiap sreym April 8, 2019
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paige is a beautiful and hilarious girl
everyone loves paige
she's on fire and everywhere you go you sniff and you will smell that smoky

any boy is lucky to have paige because she is truly perfect!
( shes also amazing at drawing;o )
"wow that girl is paige!"
"wow that girl is perfect!"
by 123hope April 3, 2013
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A Paige is a girl who makes a boy smile , cry and happy
a paige can be the key to life she can make you smile like no other , shes an angel from above literally !
Boy 1: Yo whats so special about paige

Boy 2: look it up on urban dictionary

Boy 2: Ooooooh okay !
by DannyBooy January 26, 2010
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