"So what did you all do over the weekend?"

"Nothing much, we went to John's house and had GBS."
by George January 30, 2004
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That GBS with Dalton last night made my butt hurt!
by The Judge 94 October 26, 2009
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The subforum of the Something Awful Forums where threads with subjects that aren't related to the themes of the other subforums are posted.
GBS is funny at times, but is mostly habitated by whiny losers that complain about how they were told to "Go back to GBS" in FYAD
by Dr. Yang December 10, 2003
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I think Karl is gay, I heard he had GBS with Jake.
by Bry Man11 May 15, 2009
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When two men fist each other so hard they die momentarily and then come back to life with permanent disfiguration to their bowels. This is Gay Bowel Syndrome (GBS).
Josh: Dude, where's John and Robert?
David: I dunno, but I heard John got GBS.
*everyone creases*
by Dandercool August 2, 2011
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game boy system (cover-up when someone asks you what GBS means, it really means gay butt sex{see entry 6})
Guy: Cole and Dalton had GBS with Bell and Layne last night.

Girl: What does GBS mean?

Guy: Oh, it means game boy system.

Girl: Ok, just wondering.
by The Judge94(2) March 11, 2010
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