4 definitions by Dr. Yang

It is the sound of the wild Troy Kling
Guy A:"Hey Troy!"
by Dr. Yang August 20, 2003
The best game on Well of Souls. You must defeat Omega and get teh boom boom dollars from playing too much Lingo.
Master of Reality is an awesome game, so you should donate $5 to Grand Master Simmen Stenil!!!
by Dr. Yang August 20, 2003
The subforum of the Something Awful Forums where threads with subjects that aren't related to the themes of the other subforums are posted.
GBS is funny at times, but is mostly habitated by whiny losers that complain about how they were told to "Go back to GBS" in FYAD
by Dr. Yang December 10, 2003
The really hot Japanese women who advertise products,(often cars)in Japan by standing there and being incredibly hot.
I didn't come to the trade show to see the newest models from Toyota, I came to see the race queens.
by Dr. Yang August 20, 2003