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2 definitions by ApeBike

This is where a young girl is such a whore, she sucks maybe 10-100 dicks, swallows all the jizz, but then later finds out she has had too much to "drink" becomes ill, lies on her back completley naked convulses forward arching her back to her mouth is at her vagina, vomits all the jizz out into her own pussy, becomes pregnant and has a child from it. This bitch would then have to appear on 12 episodes of geraldo trying to find out who her baby's daddy is.
Did you hear that motheruckin' bitch Kate had a G rated pregnacy?
by ApeBike August 29, 2006
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A new aged contraction invented by AJ that takes the place of of the complex two word phrase "will not." but the key to this term is that it can only be used in a response to a stupid or unthoughtout sketch situation or manuvere.
"Hey AJ, you can't drive with out any lug nuts on your truck, the wheel will fall off."-Joe

"No it will'nt." -AJ
by ApeBike August 29, 2006
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