GS: job after job, after job, after job, some people are trying to get me fired.
by Stop being assholes to people September 03, 2008
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Abbreviation for "Greek System"; the streets at a college/university in which all of the Fraternity and Sorority houses are located.
I just saw this Bangin Sorostitute walking around the GS.

I wish the Intramurals building was located closer to the GS
by WAFratdaddy September 22, 2011
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Short for "good story". Used sarcastically to mock someone when they tell an awful story or joke.
Note: A situation, person, or thing can also be considered a GS if it is boring, lame, or not ideal.
1. Person A: Man, that party last night was so fun. What time did you leave?
Person B: I went home at 8 so I could take my dog for a walk.
Person A: GS dude.

2. Person A: Women's rights!
Person B: HAHAHA GS!

3. This party is such a frickin' GS. I'm leaving.
by Sam021 January 23, 2010
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GS stands for Group Sex. Slightly better than Rainbow parties and equivalent to Orgies.

Dan: How many people showing up for the party tonight?

John: About 15

Dan: Alright, time for some GS baby!
by jayjai October 15, 2008
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Short for Gold Stars. In Rock Band and Guitar Hero, you can get gold stars depending on certain things. Rock Band is just a high score on expert difficulty, and GH is to full combo (or "FC") a song.
Danny can FC/GS every song.
by Xtreme2252 February 14, 2010
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Iranian: "Where are you from?"
American: "I'm from the 'GS', lol."
by jigsawnovich November 05, 2009
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yank it up a level from ns to a gs = great shot
that was a gs man, all the way from ur mf main!
by nag nag nag August 11, 2006
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