GS stands for "greenshit" and is the way to describe bullshit "green" environmental messages from business, media or any other organization claiming to offer environmentally friendly products, services or actions.
"Bamboo kitchen products are just a bunch of GS; they have a huge carbon footprint, so what's the point?"

"It's such GS that large corporations can can continue dirty manufacturing processes if they purchase enough carbon credits to offset the pollution."
by MegaMazz June 19, 2008
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<BobMcRandomDude> Dude, I just gave my girlfriend a GS!
by DarkHowie December 14, 2004
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means Gentleman, Friends, Cohorts or Individuals apart of a Close Unit.
What Up G's? Long Time, No See. It's Good to See You Again.
by Rainsweep October 24, 2008
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some chronic ass weed, usually used by hustlas from the hood
hey whats good wit u? man i got them G's if you need em.
by Ant Mun March 01, 2006
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A group of best friends that are always there for eachother and always do things together and will never grow apart!
by shabeezy July 09, 2003
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When taking a majestic dump, you often refer this as taking a GS = great shit.
Darko: Ok, it's time for my gs now
Ricardo: Good luck man
by ricardo_b February 22, 2008
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