golden shower, when one person urinates on another for sexual pleasure.
r.kelly gave that little ho a g.s.
by pisser December 07, 2003
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This word will be used when someone is chatting pure shit.
A: guess what happened today.

B: what?
A:I met my friend

B: Gs
by The new lord January 10, 2021
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GS. A GS is a type of person who will probably have the worst internet and everyone hates them. In online Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, the lag will be too much and whoever the GS is will have to sit out. If somebody ever insults you, or says something stupid, you have every right to call them a GS.
Wow, you are the most idiotic GS to exist.
by Inversed Pseudo March 31, 2020
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Means "good shot", a common way of complimenting your opponent when they make a good shot in pool or billiards. Used frequently in online pool and billiards games.
random guy: gs
Justaplayer: thanks
by hong the arsenal fan January 22, 2011
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G.S. is short for gag session. A gag session is when you choke a bitch with your cock while receiving some aggressive fellatio.
I'm in need of a good G.S.

Bitch, come over here and give daddy a G.S.

Helen provides an amazing gag session.
by Bob the MF Builder February 26, 2014
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Gong Show;
One who does stupid things when under the influence of TOO MANY drugs or TOO MUCH alcohol.
"Oh man I was such a GS last night, I don't remember a thing!"
by Evay March 05, 2008
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short for Gamer Score
Used in Xbox LIVE as a score that you get by playing in a game and success in a specific goal.
Hitman has a total of 4325 GS!
by noonetakesthisusername August 02, 2009
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