Abbreviation for Gender Schmender (GS), an international, gender education community located on Myspace; is also the name of a genderqueer friendly group in AU that puts on live performances.
Part 1: Are you a member of GS?
Part 2: Which one? The online community or the one in Australia?
by Amiko-Gabriel March 25, 2007
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Short for group sex
Getting sex toys to school
Karan likes doing GS with Niyathi and Manasi 69 times
by #UallSuck March 18, 2016
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good segment
On 64-bit processors in Windows, the GS segment register stores the pointer to the PEB (Process Environment Block) in GS:0x60.
by CVE_ebooks March 31, 2019
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A form of celebration. Derived from the term GG, G's is a more universal saying. It means Good Stuff, Lets Go, or Pog.
Hernandez: Lets go, we won the game!
Cherelle: No way! G's!
by Penjamin March 01, 2021
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Person 1: "I went to a GS concert last night, it was fire"
Person 2: "That sounds sick, I love Get Scared"
by rosie:) February 11, 2020
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