A man who assumes everything the wrong way without Knowing all the facts.
I was on the phone with my dad when my husband assumed (being a Shitty man) I had a boyfriend.
by Mickey Martinez February 22, 2018
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A foot ball club that is new and their owner is is billionaire and have no true fans
He is in a man shitty
by Los mad yt May 7, 2019
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A ballfoot club that kicks foot and has trash and shitty fans.
He is a supporter of man shitty
by THE BIG JEFFF November 30, 2019
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The parody of Man City, though in that state of theirs, they don't need a parody to be mocked.
Hey, man, still against Man Shitty?
Shut up, Liverpoop!
by Alexlovelovelovelove4 January 22, 2021
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