So serious that one has to emphasize the g in g shit in more context.
You: "Yo I just witnessed a robbery right across the street."
Someone: "Yo, g shit?"
You: "Bruh g on the g"
by jksicka204 July 21, 2017
A NYC Manhattan Gang thats Resides in that UPPA. They aren’t a violent gang or a gang that glorifies killing people.They jack $G and they all have each others back for protection.$G is a brotherhood and they are an entertaining group of young men.
Bill:You you heard about $G
Lisa:Yeah I love those $G boys especially $G General
Bill:Don’t be weird Lisa all I know is $GOT
Lisa:Turn on “A Lot”(Remix) by the General
Bill:Say dat.
by BAND CATCHER September 9, 2022
An expression used at the end of messages, invented by neurodivergent people, meaning genuine. It is used as the opposite of /s, meaning sarcasm.
by salems November 15, 2020
Quote used by The Game to refer to the wankster ways of G-unit.
Here come the G-unit crips call the cops, your runnin' with a motherfuckin; snitch so its g g g g U NOT!
by G U NOT July 5, 2006
G means mate in slang English, however u only use this to ur closest friends.
by Marquezman093 November 20, 2019
Another way of swearing to god
"On god"
Me: I hit him in the face
Guy: No you didn't bruh
Me: I did, on g
by vNeji February 14, 2016
(Somewhat archaic) chatspeak for "grin," deriving, AFAIK, from IRC.
See *g*, which is more common nowadays, especially on AIM.
A: So this cop pulls over Dr. Heisenberg and asks, "Do you know how fast you were going?" He replies, "No, officer, but I know where I am!"
B: <g>
by eliah January 8, 2004