In the MMORPG RuneScape, 'gs' is used as an abbreviation for a godsword, one of the best weapons in the game. (BGS = bandos godsword, ZGS = zamorak godsword, SGS = saradomin godsword, AGS = armadyl godsword)
Player A: "What weapon is that?"
Player B: "It's a gs."
by Killer Juice January 24, 2010
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Person 1: “GS person 2”
Person 2: “why thank you.”
by Vusmas July 22, 2017
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Tony: GG
Lairden: Try using gS.
Tony: What does that mean?
Lairden: It means good shit.
Tony: Oh cool, gS.
Lairden: lol it means gay shit dumbass......
Tony: ;)
Lairden: WTF
by Lairden March 04, 2020
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short/ code for 'Get Some', or get some action,
- GS on your date tonight
by Lupisex May 03, 2004
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