1. Describes almost accuratly the sound that wanking off makes.
2. the motion your arm makes when wanking off.
by B to the R July 4, 2003
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The act of slapping woman/man with a slightly erect cock.
"Hey Sue, you're not done with my BJ. I still need to fwap you across the cheek."
by joelnjessica October 30, 2013
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The act of hitting someone in the face with your penis. Derived from the sound it makes.
Woman: I won't be able to make it to your party tonight.
Man: *FWAP*
Woman:I do belive you hit me with your penis.
Man: Yes, I do belive I did.
by Ninja Fight September 27, 2006
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The act of pulling out your pecker and letting it collide with any surface whilst emitting a mild thumping noise
That sumbitch over there has a perfect forehead to fwap my schlong on. Do you think she would like it?
by schlong Chong August 20, 2018
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Fwap is the noise associated with balls slappin against a chick when fucking her doggie style.
After I satisfied Sally Jane with a hearty session of rearward penetration, I realized I had left a noticable redmark in her fwapping area.
by El Chodo Con Queso September 26, 2003
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Hard faast vigorous emotionless sex usually done doggystyle. It aint fwappin' till ou hear the slappin!
Maybe we could...you know?...FWAP FWAP FWAP!!! helll yeah.
by Madd Jester September 20, 2003
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A Swift movement of the Hand Connecting with someones part of body
Which leaves a strange stinging pain
Dan fwaps Bubs

Tyler fucking fwapped Dan Back
by Welsh Kid Dan December 31, 2005
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