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A news bit that is deliberatly slipped into a news show to misdirect the viewers attention from the imporatant information that the news is supposed to report but doesn't want anyone to know.

"look At the Fuzzy bunny"
Coming up next...Russia is establishing airbase treaties in south america capable of maintaining nuclear armed other news(read "look at the fuzzy bunny")..Paris hilton wears lime green power lifting Shirts the fashion police are upset..perez hilton blogs...omg..
by Citizenscotty July 25, 2008
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The act of a woman putting her breasts on your face until you have a massive smile that wont go away.
Named for the fact that putting your face into a group of baby fuzzy bunnies will leave you with an identical large smile and happiness.
Jack had a sad face until his girlfriend gave him a fuzzy bunny.
by Cracked Weapon May 28, 2010
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A feel good cause with little or no real value and no practical hope of changing a condition, designed to get gullible people that are easily persuaded to feel good and rally behind the cause.
Animal rights activist such as PETA don't really protect animals, in fact they kill more then they save but they feel good about saving animals, the cause is a Fuzzy Bunny. Environmentalist that are preaching global warming and then get on a private jet to fly all over the world but they feel good about saving the planet, the cause is a Fuzzy Bunny
by TampaDoc February 11, 2009
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A male's testicles, referred to by including the scrotum (fuzzy) but specific to the testicles. Usually mentioned in the context of oral sex.
All men like blow jobs but play with his fuzzy bunnies right and he'll sell his soul.
by Stratagem November 30, 2010
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An internet messageboard entity permanently pre-banned from Slackjawed and other Fucked Company spin off boards.

see spanky
The myth of fuzzy bunny ocasionally surfaces on SJ but most posters there deny his existence
by discordian January 07, 2004
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The Fuzzy Bunnies are the most hardcore motha fuckin gang out on the streets nigga! The members include Skeetacus, Lycrus, Kuntacus, Bitchicus, and Mexicanicus. There was formerly a member by the name of Bukakus, but he is no longer a Fuzzy Bunny. They have the best and most original hand shake in the world.
The Bunnies were first made by three guys named Stevo, Adam, and Joe. After the ate at Onami's, they went into the Escondido mall and was afraid of being jumped by other gangs. Then there was a big discussion of wheather they should make a gang of their own. When they agreed on the gang they had to agree on a gang name. Adam came up with Fuzzy Bunnies. He came up with this name because if some gangs were to try and fight the, they would be flashing our gang signs and yelling "Fuzzy Bunnies fo life nigga!"
people would underestimate the extreme powerful force of the Bunnies. And once they ass get whooped, they would have to explain who they got their asses whooped by. Joe and Steve thought it was an excelent idea. Once they returned to Murrieta, recruited Fuzzy Bunnies into the gang. Recently connected to the FBs is a gang called the Fuzzy Mammas or the "Fallopians." They are the girlfriends of Lycrus, Kunticus and Mexicanicus. They have already got hand gestures to "represent" who they run with. Fuzzy Bunnies fo life nigga! "Prrrrrrrrrrr..."
Awww shit we better watch out! The fuzzy bunnies are commin down the street and are gonna kick our asses.
by Lycrus February 14, 2005
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GOD->ALL Mojo Riser (Rc) was kill 15.25 for Fuzzy Bunny (Fc) (plasma)
Fc->ALL Mojo Riser: Duck!
by Fuzzy Bunny March 23, 2004
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