10 definitions by discordian

The powers posessed by most gay men that allow them to: remain perpetually stylish in appearance; keep a beautifully decorated home; know just the right drink for the occasion; etc.
The Queer Eye fab five have amazing magical fag powers.
by discordian December 22, 2003
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The most evil cosmetics company in the world. As a company they are backstabbing scum who treat their suppliers like dirt promising big orders but rarely delivering. And when you get an order their quality people reject everything based on archaic byzantine specifications thet they provide little training on. The supplier is expected to essentially become a branch of L'Oreal.
Don't buy any L'Oreal products.
by discordian December 22, 2003
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Another Phil Kaplan enterprise, it is an uncensored moblog where you can send your camera phone pics for all to see.

Especially useful for showing off your penis size.
Stal sent a pic of his cock to www.mobog.com with the ruler situated to add two inches to the actual 4" length.
by discordian January 05, 2004
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Originally the poster on FC formerly known as DangNabbit.
Now used on anyone who is being a prick.
Dang, you are such a cocksucking tool!
by discordian December 19, 2003
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1. To place a fudge confection into a carton
2. To give anal sex
1. Ward, why don't you help the beaver pack his fudge?
2. Carson got his fudge packed so tight he couldn't shit for three days.
by discordian December 23, 2003
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