Shiznit music channel thats shows REAL music videos and not crappy reality shows like mtv(also known as EmpTV). URANIUM, IMX, and POWER FUSE are the best shows ever!! however Kung Faux and Behind the Music that sucks should be taken off the air(they take up precious music video time), And they dont play the super popular shit on the number one countdown. they show good music, unlike mtv.
damn mtv suckz imma fuse from now on!!!
by AFIkicksass November 28, 2003
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A channel that used to be much music...then much music usa, now fuse. Kicks ass, unlike that pathetic excuse for a music channel MTV. Fuse actually plays what people want to hear. Not the teeny bopper bullshit like britney, christinsa, good charlotte, blink 182, simple plan, etc. They also have a kick ass show called Uranium.
Julia C-If there's metal in your cranium, it's time for uranium...
by Cupcake May 22, 2004
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the complete opposite of mtv... mtv plays mostly all rap songs that are good rap songs and people who like rap like those songs cuz theyre the videos they wanna see and then theyre are SOME poppunk videos that real people into real punk type music hate.. punkposers listen to that type of punk... but on fuse its the complete opposite... they play mostly punk songs and music that people who listen to punk actually wanna hear... then they play SOME rap videos that real people into real rap type music hate... ghettposers listen to that type of rap...
mtv lineup: rap songs, rap songs, rap songs, GOOD CHAROLETTE!
fuse lineup: punk songs, punk songs, punk songs, MASE!
by ally August 31, 2004
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They always show Eminem on the commercials but rarley ever play his shit sometimes they do though at least they do more than MTV.
Oh well to bad i am realy bored
by bite me November 19, 2003
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best channel FUSE and MTV2 the best...URANIUM IS THE BEST SHOW EVER
by metaljunkie November 22, 2003
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biggest fucking faggot to ever live in maryland.

fuse started timeclan.com to get pictures of little boys, his wife wants to kill herself.

fuse has no friends and got kicked out of the army and went to jail...he is a loser and is really ugly. his wife is ugly too.
wow look at that fag over there, hes almost as gay as fuse.
by guitarded owns u April 13, 2004
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A music television channel that was formerly MMUSA. Fuse is a channel that offers all sorts of music but focuses mainly on rock. Shows such as NO. 1 Countdown, Steven's Untitled Rock Show, Power Fuse, Oven Fresh, Later with Jools Holland, The Sauce, Fastest Fingers, Loaded, Videos that Rocked the World, Planet Rock, and many more. By watching FUSE you will discover new, unheard bands, and have a better view of music. You will hear more then Sean Kingston, or Tpain, or Justin Timberlake, ect. FUSE is better then Mtv, Vh1, or IMF, trust me or any FUSE fan.
FUSE rocks! Give it a chance!
by fueledbymanda January 03, 2008
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